Hello! I’m Nathan Couto and welcome to my blog!

If you want to learn some neat facts about me you can visit the About Me page!

But basically i’m just a teenager who loves taking pictures of his city and on a rare occasion some cool live tournament events. I usually go around the city of New Bedford and check out what’s going on and going to all these cool places like the Rotch-Jones-Duff House, the Docks; to other popular places like No Problemo’s, Solstice, DNB(Downtown New Bedford Burgers), Buttonwood Park Zoo.

The cool live tournaments I attend are no other than Call of Duty tournaments! Every month I go to a local tournament in Newton, Massachusetts! You can expect to see some photos and videos of the events whenever I go and once every few moments I travel to the bigger tournaments that competitors all around the world attend!NCSurrealismPoster

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